Telecommunication Solutions to Streamline Your Operations

NEC TelephonesThe telecommunication solutions that we offer are engineered to suit the needs of a variety of organizations. IST Solutions believes that no two solutions are the same. Some organizations benefit more from a traditional physical phone switch, while others opt for a virtual telephone system. In either case, there are advantages and disadvantages to be considered. This is where our expert IT consulting and expertise comes in. since 2003, our services have expanded to better support the growth and success of our long-term clients, offering everything from business phone systems to total network solutions.

We install only the highest quality, most dependable systems in the industry. However, with the amount of usage that telecommunication systems see, normal wear and tear is bound to occur. That is why every system we install comes with a three-year warranty on all parts, and we recommend purchasing one of our extended service warranties as well. The extended warranties not only cover the regular wear and tear, but also extend to maintenance activities that include adding users, changing schedules, updating the software for the phone switch, and various other service-related issues you may face. No one offers the same level of comprehensive telecommunication support that we do. Our telephone services include:

  • Telephone Systems
  • Virtual PBX – VoIP
  • Circuits – Voice & Data
  • NEC Authorized Reseller
  • Voice Mail Integration
  • Remote Office Connectivity
  • ACD – Call Center Applications

Contact us today to set up a lasting communications infrastructure for your company. We are proud to serve Greater Nashville and the surrounding areas, as well as companies nationwide.