Dependable Network Solutions for the Modern Company

Drawing of a Network

Your network setup is the core of your business. At IST Services, we equate it to plumbing; when it works, no one notices, but when it doesn’t, everyone notices. Our network solutions are intended to keep your network reliable, a pivotal aspect of maintaining efficient workflow and the beginning of any successful organization and team. When you need network solutions that keep your company connected and mobile, we are the name to trust for the latest in wireless network connectivity.

Our network implementation services are crucial to more than just the streamlining of your enterprise. You need solid network design for security purposes as well. A well implemented and maintained network is of the utmost importance for protecting your sensitive data, information, and finances, as well as controlling the access and control of that information by internal staff and authorized users. Together with our technology solutions, we are able to build you a safe and reliable network. Other network services we provide include:

Conceptual Drawing of a Network

  • Network Design & Installation
  • Wired & Wireless Networks
  • Network Audits & Surveys
  • Multi-Site Connectivity
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Network Reliability
  • Penetration Testing

When you contact us, you’ll see just how smoothly networks can operate when they’re managed by the experts. We are proud to serve Greater Nashville and the surrounding areas, as well as companies nationwide.